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Please measure the width of the hooves to order the right size for each horse


If you are working the first time with the performer we would also ask you to book a free videocall. 


STEP-BY-STEP Application Process

Step 1

Clean the entire hoof wall all the way up to the coronet band with sandpaper. We recommend a grain size of 80-100.

Step 2

Measure the size of the horseshoe and then proceed to heat it in boiling water for about 4-8 minutes, the length of time depends on the size of the horseshoe. If necessary make adjustments here by cutting of excess from the tabs if they are too large.

Step 3

Take the warm horseshoe and mold the tabs into shape on the hoof. Once molded, cool the horseshoe in cold water for a few seconds so that it holds the desired shape. Please ensure to be cautious of not deforming the horseshoe during this process.

Step 4

Prime the clean hoof wall generously with the SHS primer provided and leave to dry for approximately 30 seconds. The hoof wall must not be touched or soiled after the primer is applied.

Step 5

Using a hot air gun to heat the horseshoe in flowing movements until they become soft and can be molded. Keep a distance of around 30 cm.

Step 6

Remove the protective tape from the two front tabs on the horseshoe and carefully centre the horseshoe on the hoof. The two adhesive tabs must not touch any undesired hoof wall whilst the horseshoe is being put in position. Once in position, apply pressure at the bottom of the tabs to secure this first and work up to the top securing the whole tab into position.

Step 7

Now carefully place the hoof down as the other tabs are still not secure. Repeat the process on the other tabs by removing the tape and securing using the same method. The tabs must lie evenly and flush against the hoof wall. Finally, remove excess from the back of the horseshoe to ensure a good fit and prevent overreaching.

please do not hesitate to contact our team and one of our members will arrange a free video call, where we are happy to go through the attachment process.

To further prevent injury we would advise performing these tasks supervised by a farrier.






Use a stove and pot

Use a heat gun

Glue the tabs from bottom to top

Always trim excess shoe

Keep the primed hoof clean

Only bend the tabs as far as necessary

Only glue on the hoof horn


Use a kettle

Use a hair dryer

Glue the tabs from top to bottom

Not trimming excess can cause damage to the product

Touching/soiling the hoof after primer

Overbending the tabs can lead to breakage

No glueing on skin or hair


Book a call with us, so that we can help you

Do not hesitate to arrange a free video call with our team, where we will go through the attachment process with you step by step.

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