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The new chapter of hoof wear

The new
chapter of
hoof wear

Since 2020

The latest version

the Perfomer V2

Our revolutionary glue on horseshoe is crafted from advanced thermoplastic materials. The Performer is designed to shape the hoof and imitate the natural bare hoof feel with additional support. The gluing method ensures a secure fit without nails, promotes optimum hoof health and minimizes stress. After many tests and a study at VetMed Vienna, we have found the perfect primer that protects the horn.

Another study at the VetMed Vienna has shown that the Performer supports the natural biomechanics of the horse’s foot and offers superior traction on different terrains without the limitations of conventional horseshoes.

Durable. Reliable. Performance.


WHY Glue On?

Horseshoes in the form of irons and nails have been attached to domesticated horses for many centuries. Our adhesive shoeing represents an innovative adaptation to our modern society, as we as a society now have a deeper knowledge of the anatomy and health of our horses.

Our adhesive shoeing is designed to support the healthy growth of the hoof horn and alleviate and help heal problems such as white line disease, abscesses and laminitis.


we are always working to offer you the best possible service and first-class products “made in Austria”

My horse feels great in these shoes and I have the feeling that he finds them very comfortable. I can only recommend it!

Every time I would shoe my horse it would be super sore, we found out he had weak soles and needed the extra support. I had to try everything and finally after trying your product I can say he is no longer sore when shoeing!


We look forward to hearing from you!



We look forward to hearing from you!




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